Long term ownership

Chrisanic is committed to the long term. As a family-owned business, we are looking to secure our values and grow these in a disciplined and patient way. We want to safeguard assets for future generations in a respectful manner, and through impact and sustainable behavior become a valued long-term partner.


We value our partners, and we recognize that we will not be able to succeed without good people. We believe in working together, and in learning from each other. We know that when great minds are brought together, we can create more value in business strategies, investment decisions, and collaboration with other teams. We also believe that people are the most valuable resource we have and that through mutual recognition we are able to develop frameworks and solutions beyond one’s imagination.


A key objective for Chrisanic is to hand the business and the investments over to the next generations in an improved state – financially, operationally, and reputation-wise. Consequently, Chrisanic operates in line with the following value-oriented, global, and long-term investment strategy:

  • We like to partner with other investment firms and entrepreneurs that share our values and active ownership ambition.
  • Chrisanic’s long-term perspective and flexible investment mandate make it possible to also invest in minority and illiquid positions, that over time offer attractive risk-adjusted returns.
  • Chrisanic strives to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.
  • We strive to find the best partners and the best people where we can find common ground for business development and mutual learning and growth.
  • We will look to do investments in a few early ventures, selectively supporting companies with proven business models to accelerate international growth, but also focus on sustainably growing the business.
  • We will use financial leverage conservatively, and maintain a strong balance sheet to be able to support our businesses in downturns and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.
  • Chrisanic works to promote healthy, good values and the right, commercial actions. Integrity in all business dealings is core to our business model.