Chrisanic has for a few years delivered very good results on this venture in which we have embarqued. We believe in making the right desicions whilst at the same time grow our business, and having fun doing it.

Chrisanic combines extensive industrial and entrepreneurial expertise as well as financial strength and competencies to develop people and companies towards mutual goals and benefit. In the years since we started our financial management, we have developed good relations and exciting opportunities in new areas for us. We value our partners, and we recognize that without good people we will not be able to succeed.

A key objective for Chrisanic, is to hand the business and the investments over to the next generations in an improved state – financially, operationally and reputation-wise.  Consequently, Chrisanic strive to operate in line with the UN’s Sustainability Goals and the following value-oriented, global and long term investment strategy:

§  Chrisanic strives to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

§  We would like to partner with other investment firms and entrepreneurs that shares our values and active ownership ambition
§  Chrisanic’s long-term perspective and flexible investment mandate makes it possible to also invest in minority and illiquid positions, that over time offers attractive risk adjusted return
§  We strive to find the best partners and the best people where we can find common ground for business development and mutual learning and growth. 
§  We will use financial leverage conservatively, and maintain a strong balance sheet to be able to support our businesses in downturns and take advantages of the opportunities that arises
§  Chrisanic works to promote healthy, good values and the right, commercial actions. Integrity in all business dealings are core to our business thinking.